CWTS Program Series Starts to Reduce Youth Violence

CWTS Program Series Starts to Reduce Youth Violence

SEATTLE — We’ve seen violent crimes popping up all across the Puget Sound.  And most law enforcement agencies will tell you – gang activity like shootings tend to happen more often in the summer months.  But there’s a new effort to empower and motivate young people in Seattle, specifically, black teens in the Central District and South Seattle.

Wednesday night starts the once a month programs called “Conversation with the Streets” to “reduce violence and heal communities.”  From 5 to 9 p.m., hundreds of teens will listen to motivational speakers with the goal of inspiring the youth to make good decisions this summer.

It’s been in the works for the past two years.

“I want to have something where I can reach out to our community in an unconventional way to prevent violence, to educate, I want to bring in black professionals and leadership from all over the country. Very high-profile people. They will come and have this conversation here in Seattle,” said Not this Time Founder Andre Taylor.

Source: Q13 News

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