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Not This Time, has been very successful in bringing police accountability to Washington State, our next effort is “Conversation With The Streets.” The focus is to engage and reach inner city youths. We believe the task requires black professionals and leaders from around the country to be front and center in this movement that will start here in Seattle and then work it’s way around the country.

With the “Conversation With The Streets” movement, we believe an unconventional way of reaching out, healing, and educating the youth is key. We believe by bringing relatable people that have similar stories that a lot of these youth live, a connection can be made. Having high profile people participate in a free community event can inspire the youths and make them feel their stories and life matters.

I highly recommend that you bring the youth to this free event to be empowered, encouraged and start the process of healing through education and hope.

24+ Speakers

Black leaders and professionals from around the country come together to heal our communities.

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The CWTS Press Kit

Read the story behind 'Conversation With The Streets' and how our journey began. A man fueled by the tragic loss of his brother from police gun violence and faced the political system head-on to successfully create the first law in the nation to hold police accountable.  Learn how we are presently making history and how you can too!

Event Speakers

Our panel grows every month as we prepare for our tour around the country.

Rep. Andre Carson

Congressman André Carson of Indiana's 7th District in Indianapolis, Ind.

Dr. George Fraser

Networking Guru, leader, speaker, writer and PowerNetworking Conference producer

Megan McGlover

Comedic Motivator, Speaker, Writer, Perspective Specialist, Realest

Jay Morrison

Successful Entrepreneur and Business Mogul

Nuri Muhammad

Speaker | Minister | Author | Entrepreneur

Judge Joe Brown

Judge and TV Personality

Andre Taylor

Social Justice Activist

Rizza Islam

Humanitarian | Educator | Motivational Speaker

Umar Johnson

Doctor of Clinical Psycology

Tamika Mallory

Co-Founder of The Woman's March

Athena ‘Dove’ Taylor

Co-Founder of Not This Time

Eugene Big U Henley

Founder of Developing Options

Offcial Sponsonrs & Partner

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